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Lloyd Dowson Tax Planning

Tax Planning

All businesses are different and at Lloyd Dowson we cater for your businesses needs in the most tax efficient direction to enhance growth, profitability and reward. As Business Advisors we want to guide you through each stage of your business life, from start up to expansion, restructuring and eventual sale, or succession and retirement. Our tailored specialist advice across the whole tax spectrum enables us to maximise claims for relief and minimise or eliminate liabilities.

Business Start Ups

At Lloyd Dowson we will help you to choose the right business vehicle on start up, be it sole trader, Partnership, Company or LLP and keep it right as the business evolves. We will also help you to make structured drawings from your business in the most tax efficient manner. We continually review our clients trading status to ensure not only continued tax efficiency but also to stay one step ahead of the ever changing tax laws!

Inheritance Tax/Wealth Planning

At Lloyd Dowson we provide carefully structured Inheritance Tax planning, incorporating protective Trusts where appropriate, to prevent HMRC from being a (major) beneficiary of family wealth. We actively encourage our clients to regularly review their Wills to make sure they reflect their current wishes. The significance of this cannot be overstated, particularly in light of changing intestacy rules.

Capital Gains Tax

Whether you’re selling the business, property, stocks and shares or any other assets, we will guide you to time and plan disposals to achieve the best combination of the three rates of Capital Gains Tax currently applicable. For business sales in particular, it is essential that you meet all of the relevant criteria to qualify for the lowest 10% rate available to “Entrepreneurs”. There are many traps and pitfalls for the unwary. Our expertise ensures that you do not fall into them and you do not miss out on all of the claimable reliefs and exemptions.

HMRC Enquiries

HMRC has ramped up its compliance activities with increasing numbers of specially trained taskforces and focused resources. With over 100 years combined experience, the Tax team can boast a history of effectively handling HMRC enquiries and investigations. Our diligent preparation of accounts and tax returns put us in the driving seat in all dealings with HMRC. And, our tax fee protection serves to ease the strain on those unfortunate to find themselves under any stressful Tax, VAT or PAYE experiences.

Business Sale/Succession

You’ve built and successfully established your business over a number of years and the next decision is what to do next? Pass it down to family or sell to perhaps existing employees or a third party? We will guide you through the process and advise you of your options to provide a solution that satisfies your wishes at minimal tax cost.

The tax team's mission is to relieve worries and replace them with solutions!